5 more day to hols! yaaaayness!I can’t wait to  dive on my bed and swim around with my pillows whilst having tv remote on one hand and Temple Run on the other. aaaaaaaaaaaa can’t wait!

What’s your plan for this holidays?


sweet surrender.

surrender. not Sunder dalam movie Hindustan Sangam tu. haha ape merepek ni.


Nisa xoxo


I was lost in the sandstorm of work that hit me. Not that I’m complaining but working everyday (Including Saturdays and Sundays) for more than 4 months? I need a break. like really really need a time out.

I’ve been working hard for the school and the students. Mainly for the students. They were very co-operative and eager to join to everything that I’ve planned. But just this one time, I need to stop thinking bout the kiddos, and just this one time, I want to sit back and relax in a place so quiet and serene where the thoughts of school would not even dare to knock on my mind ;P

My best friends Rosyada texted me the other day :

“…. we really need to go somewhere this coming school hols …”

I couldn’t agree more. I think hard (not that hard pun) of places that Rosyada and I could kick off our shoes and de-stress our mind and soul. Counting in the fact that I’m beginning to hate long distance driving, I found this place :

It looks promising kan? and it is quite near to Manjung, just one-hour drive and it is located just 3km off my favourite place in Perak, Taiping Lake Garden! SCORE!

I quickly booked a room there and am now counting the days to school’s break .

The thing is, the school’s break is still 3 days away but my whole mind and body had just shut themselves from work. I woke up late for the past few days  dragging my feet everyday to school in the most serabai-wear-whatever-lilit-shawl-sukehati attire to work. Luckily it’s the exam period and the kids are not paying attention to me much (yeke?)

I even cancelled the extra class that I have to conduct this break. I’m sorry kids, just let me rest this time and I’ll come back powered up for PMR and SPM 🙂

So, I am now in full mode of marking the exam scripts so that I have to touch none this break.

Oh please hols come quickkkkkkk!!

Unrequited love.

I know the feeling. I know it very well. People that I love don’t seem to love me back. I began to think I am the problem. That I’m not good enough or not pretty enough.

I love watching movies about unrequited love. I love watching it and feeling it at the same time knowing that no one understand.

Except the character and me.

spec up!

I hate wearing glasses. I started wearing them at the age of 11 and kids could be mean at that time.  My father took me to the optometrist and he got me a PEANUT glasses (Peanut as in Charlie Brown’s comic stuff not peanut butter peanut). It was expensive and trendy and sophisticated enough for the 11 year old me.

The first day of wearing it at home was daunting enough, you had to get used to have your visions with frames. But, walking into a class of 11 year old is more traumatizing. With one look from the boys, I got myself a nickname. PENYU. Its stayed throughout my primary school years.

While doing my degree, I got pretty active in team sports, i represented my college for handball. You see, one could not get through playing handball without getting one’s face in contact with the ball. So, one evening after a very bad training at the field, I went to get myself a pair of contact lense.

The world is much more brighter it seems.

But I still wear glasses at home, but I wouldn’t be caught dead going out with them. I was still traumatized by the name calling at primary school. It was contact lenses all the way.

The last time I had my glasses changed was 4 years ago. I bought it with my own pay, so I guess I loved it too much even if it is broken, I cellophane taped it a few times.

SO, the whole point of this entry is i finally got myself a new pair of glasses after the cellophane tape could not hold the old ones much longer.

and yes, this is me rocking the new eye !

p/s : please, if you do need to tease, find other thing that is better than Penyu!



Well, time flies when you’re having fun. it still flies when you’re not having fun. the thing is, time flies. it doesn’t wait for anyone.

I struck me hard yesterday that it’s my 4th Teachers’ Day as a teacher. It’s my 4th year of teaching. and I’m bloody 27 !!


Meh. who cares? I’m still 16 at heart.

Cheers to the next thousand years of teaching!



Holiday. what?

I love teaching. Nope. Let me rephrase that. I love teaching so much I dont mind doing it during the holidays.
2 years ago I promised myself that on alternate years, I will volunteer myself to invigilate the SPM examination. It’s for the money. I invigilated for the first time in 2009 was RM1400 richer. Rested in 2010 and yes in 2011 I gave my name to be an invigilator.

And then, somebody offered me to be an examiner. and I thought, since I’ll be around invigilating thus permitting me from going anywhere, why not examine the papers too? right? Little did I know I was putting my head on the guillotine.

And Allah is Maha Pemberi Rezeki. My old friend offered me to teach English Form 5 at his tuition centre. And I thought. why notttttttttttt? I did not foresee that I might regret this decision later. *cringe*
So, during this holiday, I was juggling three things. Invigilating. Marking and Teaching. I might have bitten more than I could chew. I was running around like mad while everyone else is enjoying their holidays with family and friends. Invigilating in the morning and in the afternoon and teaching at night and on some days I rushed back from Examiner’s meeting in Ipoh and arrived in front of the tuition centre just in time for the tuition class. At night, I was flat out, and I haven’t even start marking for the day.
I received around 300 scripts to be marked. By hook or by crook, if I want to finish on time, I need to mark 20 scripts per day. I was never this disciplined. I am an excellent procrastinator and still is and this moment of typing, but to my own amazement, I followed the schedule and due to fantastic *puke* time management, I finished earlier with a few spare days for emergency.

Invigilating was boooooring. Marking sucks the life out of you. Teaching? is fulfilling.
Teaching gives you a sense of achievement. There’s this feeling of watching the faces of your students who want the knowledge from you, who listen to your explanations without batting their eyelids, eagerly waiting for your next handouts, and watching the imaginary light bulbs goes “ting” on your students’ head is indescribable. The feeling is beyond words. Only another teacher knows how I feel.
That’s why, however stressful I was because of marking during the day, I looked forward to my tuition class every evening. Even though I was really tired from driving and meetings, there’s somehow some hidden energy that fuelled by the passion that gave me strength to teach these kids English.

plus, the money’s sweet too!