Of hellos and goodbyes.

I am never good at making small talks. nope. Strike that. I suck at small talks. That is why I hate social events. They make me go sweaty, uncomfortable and nervous.  I love my friends, I do. But when they are so many of them in one room, I got tongue-tied. We had a batch […]

The Dream Tree

Dreams keep me going. Life can be so hard at times but when I think of my dream whether it’s realistic or how ridiculous it is, it put back the smile on my face. When you have dreams, you have a future. You’ll work hard to achieve it. Though sometimes it is impossible, you’ll get […]

Check and re-check.

I just cooked fish curry and simmered some mussels with crushed lemongrass and turmeric leaves, cleaned the mess I’ve created, swept the kitchen floor and set the dishes on the table. It is now time for lunch. I just have to wait for my mum. I entered the room, plunged myself on the unmade bed, […]

Oopsie daisies!

I like this kind of Saturday. Woken up by Mongkee (my cat) who was meowing loudly outside the door wanting to get inside, went for Soto Nasi Impit breakfast with my mum and head towards the nursery. There are so many beautiful flowers there. Hati jadi tenang tengok pokok pokok. Look at these beautiful daisies […]

Something to remember

There is this Indian barber shop that my father used to go get his haircut or a shave. As his little girl I used to follow him there. The typical smell of the shaving cream and the rusty chair where my dad sat comfortably and gradually doze off while the barber with his swift knife […]

Thank you.

3 days ago. I woke up earlier than usual though I was still sleepy due to the tossing and turning on the bed all night. I woke up with sweaty palms, a dry throat and a mixture of feelings. I wish I could go back to sleep, dwell with my dreams under the warm duvet […]


I went out today making a mental note that I need to buy only 2 red pens for my marking task come tomorrow. But as I step myself into Popular Bookstore, i was lost in the lala land. I love bookstores! I would go crayzeh at the stationeries section! I feel like a kid at […]

Spoilt Learners.

“You have to be responsible for your own learning.” That is what I always tell my students and that is what I always hold on to.  I don’t believe in spoon-feeding the kids.  The more you give, the more they will want from you. It’s the give-the-man-a-fish logic.  I encouraged my students to explore by […]

the closure.

There’s 5 more days to the 2012 academic calendar. After that, students will be on holidays, teachers will be cramming up the holidays doing all sorts of strategic plans for the next academic year, but with no students to attend to. I can’t wait for the holidays to come. Nevertheless, 2012 treated me well. I […]