Of hellos and goodbyes.

I am never good at making small talks. nope. Strike that. I suck at small talks. That is why I hate social events. They make me go sweaty, uncomfortable and nervous.  I love my friends, I do. But when they are so many of them in one room, I got tongue-tied.

We had a batch reunion last Saturday and yours truly was one of the organising committee. Hands-down, the best organizing committee I’ve worked with. Why? We managed to get things done perfectly all through Whatsapp. We didn’t get to see each other face to face but things got done and the event ran smoothly.

So, back to the my problem of being a social awkward – It was nice seeing people after 5 years. There’s a handful of them that I see almost every two months but the rest, seeing their smiling faces brings back all those sweet memories of younger days. *slurps latte*

2 hours passed by quickly. It was not enough when you have 5 years of catching up to do. Then, came the part which I hate the most. Saying goodbyes. Damn, I really suck at saying goodbyes. That’s why I didn’t really like sending people off at the airport or giving a farewell speech. To me, that would mean that we really won’t be seeing each other anymore. So, I usually give people hugs and yeah-okay-I’ll-see-you-tomorrow attitude.

When I got back home and started to continue living my normal life, then, it would strike me. No, Nisa you wouldn’t see them tomorrow. Then, my heart sank.

Errr, guys. I think we need another reunion.



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