The Dream Tree

Dreams keep me going.
Life can be so hard at times but when I think of my dream whether it’s realistic or how ridiculous it is, it put back the smile on my face.

When you have dreams, you have a future. You’ll work hard to achieve it. Though sometimes it is impossible, you’ll get close to it anyhow. I’ve heard this saying that goes “shoot for the moon, even if you miss it, you’ll be among the stars”.

That’s what I want my students to have. A dream. Or many dreams. Not just getting A’s in your SPM, but something more ecstatic. Dreams that make your heart flutters and will make you happy just by thinking about it.

So, with a large blank wall I start my mission.


With the help of my ex-students, We painted a dream tree (a concept inspired from my Google search but with a little tweaking).


Then, the dream happened. I cut circles from colourful cardboards and ask each one of my students to write their dreams on it. I asked them to go beyond their usual dream and then they need to paste the dream circles on the wall.


A few of their dreams are too general and kind of expected.




I was expecting them to write more ridiculous and happier dreams like watching the Eiffel Tower on sunset or even being a backup dancer for Kpop singers. I know they dream about these too but they are afraid to let themselves loose a little.

I wrote my dream as well but when I saw the students’ dream I thought mine was so ridiculous and I wrote a new one.


Such a cliche dream i knoowwwww -____-”

Maybe they are still afraid to go outside to box and imagine all the impossibilities. But we’ll get there. There are still more room on the wall.

P/s : the first dream that I wrote before is to dance to a Bollywood song with Shah Rukh Khan. Heh.


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