Check and re-check.

I just cooked fish curry and simmered some mussels with crushed lemongrass and turmeric leaves, cleaned the mess I’ve created, swept the kitchen floor and set the dishes on the table. It is now time for lunch. I just have to wait for my mum. I entered the room, plunged myself on the unmade bed, streamed the Running Man series… Tick tock… Tick tooccckk.

And suddenly, I remembered. I have not switch off the stove!

Yes I did.

No I did not.

Yes I did, if not I would have noticed it when I was wiping the kitchen counter near the stove.


You know I always have this waswas feeling whenever I finished cooking and out of the kitchen, I always have this feeling that I have not switch off the stove. Eventhough I have made sure of it before.

Other people have it too i think. That there’s a need to check and re-check everything. I am suffering it too but only to stove-related stuff. I have this friend who clicks her car alarm many times making sure it’s locked. Some people check and re-check everything, whether the doors are locked, the windows are closed, or wether all the switches are turned off.

But I only check the stove.

I don’t know why?. even I know that I already check, and I’m pretty sure that the stove is off, I have to check it again.

It’s mentally tiring you know, because you’re in the midst of doing something else but your mind kept thinking of the stove.

Like right now, I can’t enjoy watching Running Man as I kept thinking of the stove.

But to think of it, if the stove is still on, the food sure be hangit by now kan, and the kitchen should already be on fire kaaaaan???

Cannot la.

I have to go and check.


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