I went out today making a mental note that I need to buy only 2 red pens for my marking task come tomorrow. But as I step myself into Popular Bookstore, i was lost in the lala land. I love bookstores! I would go crayzeh at the stationeries section! I feel like a kid at a candy store! Colourful pens, markers, rulers, cute erasersss. Yummeehhhh.
When I was a kid, if i ever got lost at shopping malls, my parents would always know where to find me, I’ll be at the stationeries department flipping through greeting cards. Hihi

I myself am a walking stationeries shop. I have 3 sets of them. One for the house, one at my workstation, one in a big pencilbox and gazillions of my pens are scattered everywhere!. I can never get enough pens and pencils and notebooks! I don’t mind getting them for wedding hantaran. Seriously.

There’s this euphoric feeling of unzipping your pencil box and seeing all those colourful pens and paper clips. It gives me some kind of happiness that I would never know how to explain.

This is my utmost valuable possession right now :


I would cry if I lost them. I left them one day at PPD after a course and I was unable to sleep that night. Luckily it was still there when I came the next day. Feeling mcm hilang kucing wehhh.

So, back to my mission in getting 2 red pens? Did I succeed?


You think?


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