Easy Tiramisu Recipe

Too many people has been asking me how i whip up my tiramisu. I would gladly share the recipe with you and if there are more people asking me for the recipe, i’m making my life and theirs easier by just giving them this entry link.

This is actually my version of tiramisu. The actual recipe requires mascapone cheese but for this time i used regular cream cheese.

Here goes the ingredients :


1. Lady fingers (you can find them at bakery or kedai buat kek)

2. Your favourite coffee. Mine is indonesian blend with dash of milk.

3. Whipping cream

4. Castor sugar

5. Cream cheese.

First, dip the lady fingers into the coffee and arrange them in the dish.


Second, whip the cream cheese, whipping cream and the sugar together. Okay, i did not mention how much you should put because this is where your own preference comes in. I like the taste of cream cheese so I only add a cup of whipping cream to 400gm cream cheese and only 4 tablespoons of castor sugar. Add the whipping cream and sugar gradually and taste them a few times until you get to the flavour that you want.


Spread them on the lady fingers, like this :


Then, add another layer of lady fingers on top, like this :


And spread another layer of the cream cheese mixture.


Spread them so that the lady fingers are fully covered.


On top of the tiramisu is for your own creativity. I usually arrange some strawberries and sprinkle a handful of pistachios.

Chilk them in the refrigerator for 3-4 hours.

Good luck!


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