the closure.

There’s 5 more days to the 2012 academic calendar. After that, students will be on holidays, teachers will be cramming up the holidays doing all sorts of strategic plans for the next academic year, but with no students to attend to. I can’t wait for the holidays to come. Nevertheless, 2012 treated me well.

I love my classes this year. Not that I don’t love the classes from the previous years, in fact, my class this year is the same as last year. But, this year, the seeds that I planted last year has grown to be beautiful trees.

My special class this year would be my 3 Elit. I’m their class teacher. I’ve been teaching them since they were in Form 1. Three years passed in a blink of an eye.  I was with them when they were still new in the secondary school surrounding, all timid and scared.  But each one of them blossomed throughout the years and I am ultimately proud of them.  It’s such a joy to teach them. They were responsive and chatty, sometimes much to my dismay.  Never not done with the homework and their parents are always cooperative.  They’re  bunch of bright kids with a pleasant attitude.  I hope I’ll be teaching you guys again next year!

and oh my form 5 students! i’ll have to put up a special entry for them. Just wait.

Though I find it hard to juggle between 3 SPM classes and PMR classes, it is such an eye-opening experience. I might be too much under pressure this year in keeping up with the targets, headcounts and whatnots, the students are the most understanding bunch of people. I truly am thankful for them as if not for their jokes and antiques, I would turn out mad.

And oh lets not forget, I am proud of my school handball teams, both boys and girls! Their fighting spirit is to be applauded. Though we did not make it to the finals, we still had fun on the field.

This is my fourth year of teaching. It’s been that long yet there are still so many things to learn. I did have the feeling of quitting the job but to see the other senior teachers who has been in the service for more than 30 years, still have the same fiery burning passion for teaching, I am inspired!

I can’t wait for 2013! but I just want to enjoy my holidays first!

Nisa xoxo



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