Spoilt Learners.

“You have to be responsible for your own learning.”

That is what I always tell my students and that is what I always hold on to.  I don’t believe in spoon-feeding the kids.  The more you give, the more they will want from you. It’s the give-the-man-a-fish logic.  I encouraged my students to explore by themselves.  The world is just a few mouse-clicking away. After all they’re on facebook 24/7  for sure they are able to dig up something right?  Wrong.

The kids have always been comfortable spoon-feeded, they expect everything to fall from the sky, right in front of them.  How hard is it to use the google search engines?? I myself google everything, from recipes to how-to-win-in-arm-wrestling (trust me, i now win arm wrestling easily)

It is really hard to abstain myself from giving everything to the students. I want to, but the lesson will not be meaningful.  Learning will happen in the process of finding the knowledge.  But, to get them to understand this concept is hard.  They’ve accustomed to the idea that learning will only happen if people throw information at you. Who is to blame?

What is even harder is if you are the only teacher who is not spoon-feeding the students. Hah! Students will label you as a lazy teacher. “alah, dengan cikgu ni semue bende kene cari sendiri. die bukan nak bagi ape pun” . THAT IS THE POINT LAH MY DEAAARRRRR 

(gosh i really sound like a teacher kan? haha)

I know teachers who spoon-feed the kids too much, to the extent giving them the exam questions before-hand. We worked so hard to achieve the target, the KPIs, then we cheat our way to achieve it. Won’t the results also be lies? not true? does not resemble the reality?

Why are we doing this to our students?



One thought on “Spoilt Learners.

  1. And in comes PBS which is another proponent of the spoonfeeding movement. Teachers are preparing all the handouts & etc to meet the KPIs & to look good when they apply for GC.

    I think you are going the right way. Students really do need to be independent to stay competitive in the workforce. A lot of my friends in lawyer firms are complaining that new interns expect to be spoonfed too instead of digging the files & researching cases by themselves. How to be successful like that?
    Anyway, perhaps you need to find a cool way to ‘sell’ the idea. Use showmanship. You can try it next year! =)

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