I was lost in the sandstorm of work that hit me. Not that I’m complaining but working everyday (Including Saturdays and Sundays) for more than 4 months? I need a break. like really really need a time out.

I’ve been working hard for the school and the students. Mainly for the students. They were very co-operative and eager to join to everything that I’ve planned. But just this one time, I need to stop thinking bout the kiddos, and just this one time, I want to sit back and relax in a place so quiet and serene where the thoughts of school would not even dare to knock on my mind ;P

My best friends Rosyada texted me the other day :

“…. we really need to go somewhere this coming school hols …”

I couldn’t agree more. I think hard (not that hard pun) of places that Rosyada and I could kick off our shoes and de-stress our mind and soul. Counting in the fact that I’m beginning to hate long distance driving, I found this place :

It looks promising kan? and it is quite near to Manjung, just one-hour drive and it is located just 3km off my favourite place in Perak, Taiping Lake Garden! SCORE!

I quickly booked a room there and am now counting the days to school’s break .

The thing is, the school’s break is still 3 days away but my whole mind and body had just shut themselves from work. I woke up late for the past few days  dragging my feet everyday to school in the most serabai-wear-whatever-lilit-shawl-sukehati attire to work. Luckily it’s the exam period and the kids are not paying attention to me much (yeke?)

I even cancelled the extra class that I have to conduct this break. I’m sorry kids, just let me rest this time and I’ll come back powered up for PMR and SPM 🙂

So, I am now in full mode of marking the exam scripts so that I have to touch none this break.

Oh please hols come quickkkkkkk!!


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