spec up!

I hate wearing glasses. I started wearing them at the age of 11 and kids could be mean at that time.  My father took me to the optometrist and he got me a PEANUT glasses (Peanut as in Charlie Brown’s comic stuff not peanut butter peanut). It was expensive and trendy and sophisticated enough for the 11 year old me.

The first day of wearing it at home was daunting enough, you had to get used to have your visions with frames. But, walking into a class of 11 year old is more traumatizing. With one look from the boys, I got myself a nickname. PENYU. Its stayed throughout my primary school years.

While doing my degree, I got pretty active in team sports, i represented my college for handball. You see, one could not get through playing handball without getting one’s face in contact with the ball. So, one evening after a very bad training at the field, I went to get myself a pair of contact lense.

The world is much more brighter it seems.

But I still wear glasses at home, but I wouldn’t be caught dead going out with them. I was still traumatized by the name calling at primary school. It was contact lenses all the way.

The last time I had my glasses changed was 4 years ago. I bought it with my own pay, so I guess I loved it too much even if it is broken, I cellophane taped it a few times.

SO, the whole point of this entry is i finally got myself a new pair of glasses after the cellophane tape could not hold the old ones much longer.

and yes, this is me rocking the new eye !

p/s : please, if you do need to tease, find other thing that is better than Penyu!



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