Holiday. what?

I love teaching. Nope. Let me rephrase that. I love teaching so much I dont mind doing it during the holidays.
2 years ago I promised myself that on alternate years, I will volunteer myself to invigilate the SPM examination. It’s for the money. I invigilated for the first time in 2009 was RM1400 richer. Rested in 2010 and yes in 2011 I gave my name to be an invigilator.

And then, somebody offered me to be an examiner. and I thought, since I’ll be around invigilating thus permitting me from going anywhere, why not examine the papers too? right? Little did I know I was putting my head on the guillotine.

And Allah is Maha Pemberi Rezeki. My old friend offered me to teach English Form 5 at his tuition centre. And I thought. why notttttttttttt? I did not foresee that I might regret this decision later. *cringe*
So, during this holiday, I was juggling three things. Invigilating. Marking and Teaching. I might have bitten more than I could chew. I was running around like mad while everyone else is enjoying their holidays with family and friends. Invigilating in the morning and in the afternoon and teaching at night and on some days I rushed back from Examiner’s meeting in Ipoh and arrived in front of the tuition centre just in time for the tuition class. At night, I was flat out, and I haven’t even start marking for the day.
I received around 300 scripts to be marked. By hook or by crook, if I want to finish on time, I need to mark 20 scripts per day. I was never this disciplined. I am an excellent procrastinator and still is and this moment of typing, but to my own amazement, I followed the schedule and due to fantastic *puke* time management, I finished earlier with a few spare days for emergency.

Invigilating was boooooring. Marking sucks the life out of you. Teaching? is fulfilling.
Teaching gives you a sense of achievement. There’s this feeling of watching the faces of your students who want the knowledge from you, who listen to your explanations without batting their eyelids, eagerly waiting for your next handouts, and watching the imaginary light bulbs goes “ting” on your students’ head is indescribable. The feeling is beyond words. Only another teacher knows how I feel.
That’s why, however stressful I was because of marking during the day, I looked forward to my tuition class every evening. Even though I was really tired from driving and meetings, there’s somehow some hidden energy that fuelled by the passion that gave me strength to teach these kids English.

plus, the money’s sweet too!


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