When Hell Freezes Over.

it’s already October! weehuuu. My favourite month of the year!

And this time, I’m so excited when October is finally here. Not just because of my birthday, it also means that I survived the September Freeze! YAY!

so okay Nisa, what the hell is September Freeze?


I got to know about September Freeze from this blog (http://smartandsassywithsprinkles.blogspot.com/) , I was inspired by her courage and determination to cut her spending and to create the same atmosphere with less $$kaching! involved. Reading her blog made me realize that I too have spent too much on unnecessary stuff. There are so many things that I could do without and the money that I could have saved. So I thought, the first step is to admit that you have a  problem.

So, hello everyone, I’m Nisa. and I am not yet a shopaholic but if i go on at this rate, my house will explode sending clothes and shawls everywhere.

Yes, I do have a spending problem. I can’t stop buying clothes. But don’t go all Rebecca Bloomwood on me. I love buying shawls and scarves and skirts but not to the extent till I have a lot of Credit Card debt. nope. I rarely used my credit card. And I do this because I don’t want this habit to even go to that extent. Prevention is better than cure! hah!

You know how scarves and pashminas are so cheap? they could go at RM9 per piece, and I would always go “eh apelah sangat RM9 ni”. “murahnye! murahnye!” and what hurt could it be by just spending RM9? but little do I know, that habit is uncontrollable and by the end of the week, I’ve bought more or less 3 shawls. at least.

RM9 x 3 = RM27 x 4 weeks = RM108 !! and that is just scarves.

I blame it all on capitalism.

So with determination I started on the night of 1st September (while glancing my closet that is bursting with clothes) that I would stop buying anything clothes related, even accessories in this month of September.

It is hard. oh yeah. No one said that it will be easy. I cringed everytime I saw scarves sale at GIANT’s entrances and suddenly I realised, the sale is everyday! pfftttt.

I stopped browsing through blogshops and I stopped stopping by at my mom’s friend’s boutique after each groceries shopping.

I rummaged through my shawls drawers and took out plenty of scarves that I bought but never use. I categories them and took the ones that I never use and will probably never will in the future (and why did I even buy them??) and wrapped them individually. I gave them as a present to my Form 5 girls.

They’re happy, I’m happy 🙂

I took out all my skirts that I bought before and start matching them with different tops. I now have different attires by recycling my old clothes.

But it was easy since I avoided going to places that I frequented. I thought “will I start buying like crazy again when September ends?” and came the ultimate test. My friend Ainur came from Penang and was telling me that she needs new clothes (OMG!). So, I took her around town for some shopping.

You know what happened?

I did not feel the need to buy things anymore. I saw gorgeous tops and dresses but my mind finally said, “No, you don’t need this” or “No, you already have 5 black pants!”.

I SURVIVED! Alhamdulillah. The feeling to go into those shops and came out buying nothing is great! *does cartwheels across the room*

So ladies, if you feel like you have nothing to wear, look into your closet again and mix and match your clothes.  Do not go out and buy more clothes.  Remember all those money that you could save to buy an expensive handbag! or a trip to Krabi !

So, for October, I’m continuing my Clothes Freeze and I would stop eating out. for real. This is harder I think. It would be harder since my birthday is in this month too. *cringe*

wish me luck guys!




3 thoughts on “When Hell Freezes Over.

  1. “…if i go on at this rate, my house will explode sending clothes and shawls everywhere.”<— hahaha. having seen your drawers of shawls, I know that this statement isn't far-fetched at all 😉

  2. Hooray, you survived! Congrats! Isn’t it liberating to actually control something that felt so out of control? So glad you joined in and were successful!

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