of friends of 9 years, Kellie’s Castle and ICELT Part 1

and oh, Sunny’s wedding.

twas a good weekend. seriously. i dont know when was the last time I had such an enjoyable weekend.  Being the only TESLian in Perak (well, there’s Ah Ying in Teluk Intan but we hardly meet each other) and all my close friends are scattered all over the Malaysian map, I have been deprived of good company.

and Thank you Allah who put everything perfectly for He is the Mighty Planner, I was blessed to meet my beautiful angels Ainur, Rosyada and Farah.

Ainur arrived on Thursday night, whilst Syada on Friday noon. Ainur had to go back on Friday evening as she has to attend a ceremony with Muhyiddin the DPM. *rolls eyes* (seriously Ainur, you chose Muhyiddin over us?). despite the time constraint, we had super fantastic time catching up on stories and gossips, debating about politics and history and pretending to be philosophers with our nonsense philosophies of life.

*ainur and syada on bikes*

so Ainur left us feeling miserable because we could not persuade her to stay, and came Farah on the next Saturday morning. It’s been 3 years, but Farah and I picked up where we left before. 3 years feel like one day and we were all still exactly the same. the same habit, the same blurness. heheh.

On the same day, we went on a short trip to Ipoh to attend our Macquarie friend’s wedding. (SUNNY & GIHA ! CONGRATULATIONS!) and on the way back we stopped at Kellie’s Castle. Being a local, I was never and probably never will be fascinated with the building, but Syada and Farah were very excited. layankan ajelah.

told you they were excited.

and on the way back to Manjung, i received a call from Nishak (my super best friend) and she’s on her way to Lumut for a surprise visit! but it was only 30 minutes. boo!

Nonetheless, it was nice seeing your best friend who is working in Sabah. eventhough for a very short time.

*nisha donned her hijab Hana Tajima’s style*

Things could not get any better than this *grinning widely* *heart does a cartwheel*

* this is getting crazy long, I think I’ll continue in another post (bajet orang kesah je)


Nisa xx


5 thoughts on “of friends of 9 years, Kellie’s Castle and ICELT Part 1

    • I still think it’s a little early to do a mass reunion.
      Perhaps we should wait until 10 years. Then, we can do a grand one & be sure of a higher attendance.
      Meanwhile, let’s do small ones with the few that do matter.

  1. nisak reading the title at a first glance, i thought you would be sharing about all the ilmu we ve got from the conference…but it turned out u wrote about our jalan2 yg bes tuh! hahah i like la! this is so nisak…and we attended the conference being not so attentive as if we’re still 18-year-old ipba student

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