knock ! knock !

well helloooo theree!

Selamat Hari Raya! Maaf Zahir Batin. dah puasa 6? hehe i haven’t started mine yet. probably I’ll start next week after I got back from the conference. How was your raya? Mine is simple and as the same as every year.

Its been hectic. My students are taking their SPM’s trial and I’ve been sick like a dog.  Again. I swear man 2011 is the year of sickness. I think I fell sick every month and this time is the worst. The flu lasted for 3 weeks and I am now suffering from chesty coughs though I’ve been to the doctor thrice and taken different antibiotics. none of them works. huks.

Everyday I’m suf-fer-ring ( sing to the Everyday I’m shuffling tune).

On  a lighter note, my bestfriend is coming to town! weeehuuuuuuuu!

we’re attending the International Conference on English Language Teaching in Swiss Garden Damai Laut, she’ll arrive two days prior so we can berjimba jimbo an! heheh.

the funny thing about this conference is that I’ve planned to go months ago, since May but I haven’t had the chance to register and pay the course’s fee which is RM300 by the way ( I was hesitant at first. i could get a Nine West handbag with that money!!) . After much stalling and thinking, (and after Syada told me that She had paid already) I planned to get it settled the day after, and on the same day  I received a letter from JPN Perak saying that I have to go to the conference and all expenses are paid. I even got to claim mileage! weeehuuuu. Thank you thank you thank you to beautiful angels in JPN who chose my name. Amongst all the 10 GC and DG44 teachers who were selected from Perak. I am the only one from the humble section of DG41. I am thankful Allah. RM300 could be spend on something else. ehem.

ok suddenly i’m craving for milo ice.

ok bai. see you guys later. xoxo


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