its not that heavy.

I am a huge fan of oversized handbag! They’re amazingly convenient where you can chuck all your junk inside. But, the downside is you need like 20 minutes to rummage through all the trash before you could find your car keys. I usually end up screaming “WHERE ARE MY CAR KEYYSSSSS!!!” before I found them at the very bottom of my handbag. Oh kat situ kau nyorok eh?

Mum always gives a snide remark everytime she saw me carrying a large handbag.  “Ate kamu letak botoi susu dengan pampers anak ke dalam beg tu?” (please read this with a Perak accent). -__-”

So here goes; things living  inside my bag :

haha. am actually just finished doing a spring cleaning for my handbag. see? my handbag needs a spring cleaning because they’re too many stuff inside. so these are the items that I think i need to use everyday, therefore they’ll be the permanent residents.

and what about the others?

Seriously, there’s the camera charger, laptop charger, my moleskin notebook (read: fake/wannabe/imitation whatever you call it) where i wrote the name of my naughty students, my Ipod and its tangled earphone, lollies where I gave to good students. the handkerchief, packs of tissues, my other sunglasses, calculator.  Mummy will make room for you guys! *kiss the moleskin notebook*

and I complained that it’s too heavy.

who’s fault pun kan?


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