I am impatiently waiting for the new term of school to opens! People might say I’m crazy as others do not want the holiday to ends. I want 3rd January to arrive quickly! oh please please hurry up!

I am busy collecting/buying/organizing stuff to decorate my classroom.  I bought multi-coloured manila cards, craft papers, polystyrene glue, polystyrene blocks, and some glittery stuff. I’ve also cut out a few wonderful shapes from the polystyrene which I know would look good on the classroom wall. Weehuuuu. Hehe. I’m extremely excited ! (but it goes without saying kan?

I am now crafting my first lesson plan of the year.  I’m teaching a class I’ve never taught before though I know the students very well; they’ve never been taught English by me.  They only knew me as their strict handball coach/discipline teacher. So first impression huh! I felt the pressure already.  First impression is important if you are a teacher.  You must not show your happy/cheerful/sporting self on the first day.  You should keep it for next week.  Its business! And you gotta be mean!

I’m wearing my leopard print baju kurung on the first day of school. It might help to bring the tiger out in me. Rawwrrrrr!

Ngeh ngeh ngeh.




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