K !

haha this brings back memories!

What’s your name: Khairun Nisa
A four letter word: Kuih
A boy’s name: Kamal
A girl’s name: Khadijah
An occupation: Ketua Panitia. heh.
A colour: Kuning
Something you”ll wear: Kasut
A food: Kek
A place: Kuwait
Reason for being late: Kene tahan polis
Something you’d shout: Kureeeeeenngggg!!
A movie title: Kuch Kuch Hota Hai
Something you drink : Kedondong asam boi
A musical group : KRU
An animal : Kuda
A street name : Klang Road
A type of car : Kia
Title of a song : Keranamu Malaysia

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