Maysaa Scarf

This is for Sayda and Soya. orang lain nak bace pun boleh 🙂

I received this scarf a while ago and totally forgotten about it as I was busy zooming in and out of the city. So, as promised, the pictures :

It is one handy scarf and I recommend everyone to buy one.  It covers your head and neck and it is made from the softest material, you wont feel like wearing any scarf.  Its good to wear with “tudung bawal” yang see through. Plus, its not made from holey fabric like our usual scarf/serkup so no hair will strays out and tercucuk and tercacak out from your tudung.

But, you have to be careful with the zipper, kalau terzip sekali rambut. mak aih! sakit nyah.

so, what are you waiting for, get your hands on the maysaa scarf now!

p/s : sorry for the very very low quality pictures.


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