Happy Meal.

Tap tap tap. That is the sound of the rain tapping on my awning. Every tap strikes my mind back to reality though I dragged myself to even think about it what more picturing myself in it. School will reopens on the 3rd of January and I have been attending the school meeting since yesterday. My comrades and I have survived the second day today and we are battling through three more days before stepping ourselves right on the war zone, trying to equipped the students with enough arsenal before letting them fight in the real world.

Time does flies. One month blew over in just a sneeze. I remember taking my time to wake up, curled up inside my favourite dusty pink blanket, savouring the new day that drawn upon me, brushing my teeth a little longer than usual, with every strokes perfected. I remember diluting sugar into my coffee with 20 perfect circles of stir, just because I have the time and just because I don’t have to zoom to school and sandwiched my car in between all the trucks and lorries to get to school on time. I took my time to do things. Ok cross that. I took my own sweet time to do things my way.

*sigh* I foresee myself avalanched with school works and hastily catching up my breath by slowly digging out from the pile. I see myself unintentionally burning calories running up and down the stairs making sure I set my foot in the classroom right on the dot. I hear my shouting and naggings that echo in my student’s head. I hear them; I see them, because it is the same thing every year. 3 more days come another cycle of year. And my life has been pretty much redundant. My life is stagnant and if life values and achievements can decrease, perhaps I’m climbing down the ladder, while other people are way up there jumping on clouds; I might just make do with all the dirt and dust on the ground.

Do I need resolutions for the upcoming new year? Would be happy counts?


7 thoughts on “Happy Meal.

  1. Nisa keep on writing! Reading ur entries makes me happy. Nak-nak pulak hari2 mencabar di sekolah akan bermula! oh! realiti sggh menyakitkan. So one of the ways to relax is by dropping by at ur coffeecart. ececece

  2. Yes, being happy counts!

    that’s one of my new year resolutions too:
    do not be so caught up with school work until you’re utterly miserable.

  3. heheh thanks Farah! I too bloghop tou our friends’ blog knowing that there are others who are in the same boat! 🙂

    will take your advice to heart syada! love you and farah! xoxo

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