Day 12 : Bullet Your Whole Day

6.15 : woke up by the sound of my alarm. Snoozed

6.25 : Snoozed

6.35 : Woke up, prayed Subuh, went back to sleep.

8.45 : Got up, called Ainee to ask her out for breakfast.

9.30 : Roti Telur kuah kari daging banjir.

10.00 : Paid my credit card.

10.15 : Sale at KAMDAR. ngeh ngeh ngeh

11.00 : Off to Chin Tailor to send my newly bought fabrics.

11.15 : at Auntie Hasnah’s, helping out with the wedding preps

12.30 : Soto Ayam!

1.00 : The Big Bang Theory Marathon

3.00 : Dozed off.

5.00 : Laugh my heart out watching How I Met Your Mother.

6.oo : McD Drivethru with Mum.

7.00 : Spring clean my room

10.00 : Ready for bed.

1.06 : am still up writing this thrash!




One thought on “Day 12 : Bullet Your Whole Day

  1. 4.30 Wake Up
    6.20 Fly to Sibu
    8.00 Makan Dim Sum
    9.00 Cari Ironing Board (Gagal)
    10.00 Jumpa Sale Di Kedai Elektronik Ah Pek (Beli Sony Home Theatre System)
    11.00 Cari Ironing Board (Gagal)
    12.00 Pergi Kedai Elektronik Mahal & Ketawa Kuat-Kuat Krn Saya Beli Punya Jauh Lebih Murah.
    13.00 Merarau. Online.

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