Day 11 : Put your Ipod on shuffle and write 10 songs that pop out.

okay. first I have to find my Ipod shuffle. The last time I saw it was during my Phuket trip last June.

okeh. found it!

let see.

here goes :

1. One Love (Mary J. Blige and Bono U2)

2. The Crazy Spots I’ve Prayed (Dawud Wharnsby Ali)

3. Izinkan Ku Pergi (Kaer)

4. Opportunities (Pete Murray)

5. Bila Rindu Ku Sebut Namamu (Siti Fairus)

6. Lelaki Ini (Anwar Zain)

7. 1000 Years Love Song (Dong Bang Shin Ki)

8. Chinagaborrriiiii~ (Dong Bang Shin Ki)

9. I Want It That Way (BSB)

10. Pelita Hidup (Hijjaz)

ok fine. my playlist is boriiiiing.


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