Day 08 : A Moment You Felt The Most Satisfied With Your Life

It would definitely be the Summer of 2006 🙂

Farah, Durra and I went for a fruit-picking trip to Melbourne. At first, Durra and I were a bit reluctant knowing that we would be camping out for 3 whole weeks, but then, there was no one else in Macquarie Village except us as the others went back to Malaysia for the summer hols. There were nothing else to do in Sydney as it was really hot so we braved ourselves and off we go by train.

There was one moment, on the tree whilst picking cherry, zikring, and stuffing it in my fruit basket, I pondered that at that moment, life couldn’t be getting any better. It was so serene and peaceful (though I could hear my friends chatting below and on other trees) that I felt so close to God.  I was and still am thankful with everything that God has given me.

At that time, I thank God for giving me the opportunity to study overseas, which was my dream since I was a kid, I was surrounded with beautiful friends, met with pretty souls who taught me about life, and Islam.

During the 3 weeks, we left technologies behind, slept in a tent, prayed jamaah under the stars, bathed in the river and eat good food cooked with love. I listened to stories about khalifahs, heaven and hell and many other things that enhance my thinking and opened up my mind to my surroundings. It was such a wonderful moment I never want it to stop.

I was satisfied 🙂 . really.


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