My first Maysaa scarf!

Have you guys heard of Hana Tajima?

If you are a hijabblog  surfer/walker/hopper/stalker,  then you  must be familiar with StyleCovered. She’s a  hot topic right now!  She’s a Brit + Japanese  who converted to Islam 5 years ago. Her  style is modern, stylish and elegance.  Though I do sometimes disagree with a few  of her style, but most of them are chic and  modest.

She owns an exclusive hijab fashion line  (Maysaa) based in the UK and she’s only 23!

and thanks to Soya, I manage to get my hands on the headscarf that I’ve been drooling about (the power of peer pressure. heh), soonish! It’s on its way now. Thanks Soya honey!

Will absolutely put up a photo of it once it arrives!




p/s : pictures courtesy of & 🙂


7 thoughts on “My first Maysaa scarf!

  1. Sayda! the scarf has arrived! i just have to find my camera. *scratches head*

    Asnidahani : hehe yeah but i cheated a bit, i do it if i have time and i’m really lagging behind~ 🙂 thanks for visiting my blog too! your blog will certainly be in my follow list 🙂

  2. so so.. what do u think? i wear that black thing almost everyday kot now.. haha. i like la how it covers my neck. and the fabric yg super lembut tu.. huuuu.. cuma part zip tu lomah sket. haha..

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