Hey there pretty people!

helluuu there!

It puzzles me that there are people who read my boring blog. I mean WordPress has this site stats that tells me that I do have returning visitors other than Rosyada, Ah Kam Koko,and  Sayda also a few others. My counter stats only counts those unique visits so though I refresh my blog so many times, it doesn’t count them as unique visit. hehe.

Who are you guys? please please say hi to me and leave a comment on this post!

I’m pretty interested to get to know my silent readers or reader for that matter!

Lots of loving,

Nisa xoxo


8 thoughts on “Hey there pretty people!

    • Zek! hehe
      Mimi ! waalaikumsalam w.b.t
      hezrin! of course i remember youuuu! thanks for reading!
      Yuen ! 🙂
      Hugh Jackman palsu! mak sehat je~~~

  1. salam, kak nisa,

    i’m one of your silent readers! we have met once kat midvalley(i was with FarMartin and Amalina), dunno if you remember me.Your blog is interesting!

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