Day 06 : Write 30 interesting facts about yourself.

ohooo I main ngelat 😛 today was supposed to be Day o8 but I’m still stuck at Day o6. heheee it has been hectic with weddings and shopping trips 🙂

so here goes —->

Oh My God! This topic encourages self-vanity!

I was thinking only about myself yesterday trying to find what’s interesting, because honestly, I find myself not interesting. So I around and ask my mum “mak, ape yang best kat adik ni?” and my mum did not reply anything! so self esteem is falling down the well. I even post it on my FB’s status asking people what do they find interesting in me, and as I expected only a few of my friends replied (macam ni laa kawan :P).

haha so here goes a few (I’m sorry if you find it not interesting) :

1. I don’t eat sotong/squid/calamari if it’s still in shape of a squid though it’s cooked, for example sambal sotong or sotong sumbat. However, I’m a big fan of sotong kering, sotong goreng tepung and sotong ball takoyaki !

2. I’m really fussy about food, there’s so many dishes out there that I don’t eat that people say I’m missing out much, such as : tempoyak, sardin, asam pedas, sambal belacan, ikan keli and ikan pari. (kalau dah tak suke makan, tak missing out la kan? kan? kan?)

3. I claim myself a good cook! I really do! I don’t eat out much as I prefer my own cooking. I try to cook everyday though sometimes I arrived home late from school, white rice + fried egg + kicap tamin are all I need. Plus, I can whip up a mean gooey chocolate cake that has been proven ultimately spoon licking good!

4. I like to doodle but I don’t doodle what I can see from my eyes. I doodle from perspectives that I think is easier to draw. Get what I mean?. Let me show you a picture :

this is how I draw an elephant :

yeap from the back view, its much easer and plenty more pics coming once I can sort my love/hate relationship with MS Paint.

5. I used to be an active theater activist, but currently a passive one as I’m handful with other commitments. I’ve directed a play called Hayfever by Noel Coward during my degree years in Macquarie University of  Sydney under full funding of Dramac ( a student’s theater organisation). It was all “Mat Saleh” cast and crew and you’ll hear angry Malay words flying across the reheasal space 😛 I’m pretty proud of my production. We made full house every night! (yelaahh yelahhh dah lame lepas kan?)

I think thats it. Tell you I’m not that interesting! I mean how do I know whats interesting by other people standard? I mean like I’m talking to my cat and then I suddenly pondered “ohh ini interesting ni bercakap dengan kucing ni”. haha

maybe you should be the judge of that. so tell me friends, do you think I’m interesting?


2 thoughts on “Day 06 : Write 30 interesting facts about yourself.

  1. heheh syada, you once said that the world does not revolves around me. hehehe. 30 la syada. i’m surprised I can find 5 things, which I think are not worth mentioning pun.

    wehhh pasal pulak ngelat count 2? ngelat baru sekali laaaaa.

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