Day 04 :Your views on religion

Religion. hurm.

Religion is one thing that keeps human grounded. Religions no matter Buddhism, Hindu, Christianity or Islam teaches its followers to be a good person and to leave bad things behind.

I am not the best person to talk about religion what more about Islam, my own religion.  My knowledge is still limited but I am still learning and finding out stuff as I go along. Plus, sometimes I gave excuses not to go to Kuliah with mum as I have other not-so-important-things-but-enjoyable to do. Eeesshh. I have to get my priorities checked!

Every religion has it God/Gods. In Islam there’s only one God which is Allah s.w.t .  Allah is the Creator of all the existent  and is the One Who manages all the creation. If, with our sound mind, we carefully think about all the creations and ponder about their existence, we must know that they have a Creator Who created them.

Based on our faith/submission to God, we do things to please our God and leave things that He prohibited.  For example, I’m a Muslim and I wear hijab for the sake of Allah. It’s the love/faith that I have towards Allah that gives me the courage/patience to wear the hijab. I have the courage to wear hijab in Sydney while people gave me death stares and called me terrorist and other bad names because I wear this piece of clothing to seek Redha from my God, not from the society. See, it gives you your way of life and the courage you need.

People said that religion is outdated and I really really pity them.  If you think carefully, it’s not religion that keeps you from moving on, it’s your culture. Islam frees you from things that bind you. For example, in Islam, there is no social caste, everyone is the same no matter how royalty you are.  Allah measures his followers/humans through his Taqwa (submission to God) not based on how many companies you own or from which royal family you come from.  This could be seen from the performing of Hajj or Umrah. Muslims that go to Mecca and Madina for pilgrimage wear the same clothes, do the same prayers in the same way. There’s no biasness between a janitor or a CEO of a big company. If the King of a country goes to perform Hajj/Umrah, he shall do the same thing as other people do. No gold threaded clothes, no crown on his head.

haih. now I’ve started rambling.  There’s so much I want to talk about but I’m afraid you might die of boredom.

I’m still learning about my religion and I’m sorry if anything I said offends any of you.


Nisa xoxo


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