I blog for a good night sleep.

How did I came about blogging?

It was a few lonely years back in Sydney where I did my TESL degree. The homesickness, the loneliness as well as the overjoyed/over-excited/new experiences feelings that knock this blog out of meself.

I need a channel to express my emotions and my feelings that was boiling up inside. To knock on my friends’ door is another option but we are all in the same boat in an unfamiliar country, and blogging seems so easy and you are not fussing over other people’s shoulder with your tears. heh.

I do not mind if no one ever read my blog. really. because I blog for myself. I’ve been blogging for four years and there’s one loyal follower that I know which is me! i’m liking myself too much yeah yeah whatever.

My blog consists of my personal ramblings, it’s like a peek to my diary, my life. I write about things thats flying in and out of my mind and if I don’t pour it somewhere, I might not be able to sleep thinking about it. I write what I like. You may like what you read or you may not. and do i look like i care?

So people (if there is really anyone out there) you may not find what you’re looking for here but I will share the links of blogs that you might find them useful 🙂

1. if you’re looking for awesome cupcakes recipes :


(Adeliana was my coursemate who is now residing in Auckland. I’ve personally tested a few of her recipes and they really rock your oven!)

2. for blogging tips from mahaguru blogger :


He’s really good in giving tips on blogging stuff and if you’re not into increasing your blog traffic whatsoever, you can check out the blogs that he introduced .

3. for many many many delicious recipes :



4. and i shop here for shawls :


5. and for plus size clothings



and lastly,

6. these are the blogs that I follow just for the fun of it !


the blogger, Fatin Liyana Asri is a medical student who writes about her daily life plus she always posts awesome tutorials.


and this lady Hanis Zalikha cracks me up everytime! She’s a funny girl!


I hope you’ll find what you’re looking for!


Nisa xoxo


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