Day 01 : Your current relationship.

The topic for today is :

Your current relationship, if single discuss how single life is.

(this is my opinion, I’m truly sorry if it offended you in any ways)

I’m still residing in Singleville and I dont see myself moving out to another town anytime soon as I am comfortable here 🙂 It’s true that having a boyfriend/spouse means that having someone to love you, someone to share your problems with someone with a shoulder to cry on yada yada yada but i think it’s not my scene just yet as I have not meet my own Shah Rukh Khan. heh.

Relationship is a big thing for me. I do not want a fling, a scandal or a play-date, I want someone to depend on, someone who can take charge and someone who can lead my prayers; and truly, I have not found that someone yet and I have not even searched for him.

When I saw most of my friends are getting enganged/married/having kids , there were many tiny voices in my head debated among themselves ;

Other people are happy and look at you”

“If you don’t start looking you’ll end up being alone”

well, we all have Allah right? we’ll never be alone. Allah is watching and taking care of us all the time.

plus, I believe Allah has something for me. I just have to have faith. 🙂


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