Make me proud.

Finally! phewwww. its been a tough academic year and i survived it.

haih. But I’m crazily worried as my Form 5 kids will be sitting for their SPM. They are my first SPM babies! and I’m worried to death! Fingers crossed that they’ll do their best.

Teaching them Form 5 was pure joy. They were easy to handle as they responded well to sarcasm. There are no yelling , screaming or shouting needed as they are well … sort of adults :P. Yes they dah besar and dah boleh fikir sendiri .. I dont mind going extra miles for them as I know they deserve it.

We suffered through the endless sports practices and handball tournaments together, we cried over Juana & Kino’s fate (that might be an exaggeration), we got through SPM Trials with endless drilling and drilling and more drilling and I think somehow I managed to open your eyes and broaden your mind a bit through Si Tenggang’s Homecoming.

We also shared a lot of gossips and secrets and they are practically my shoulders as I am to them. They backed me up a lot, filled my life with laughters and tears of joy. They taught me about life lesson more than I taught them in class. They show me the meaning of friendship, brotherhood, survival and responsibility. aaaaaaaaaaand they keep me young! 🙂

During the Majlis Restu SPM the other day i gave them and advice once my teacher gave me that i think have a HUGE impact on how I live my life now;

“Jadilah orang yang bermanfaat kepada orang lain”

Forgive me for all my wrongdoings, my sarcasm or anything that I said or do that hurt you in any way. If anything, I did it because I wanted to bring out the best in you.

I wish them all the goodness, the kindness and the joy in life.

May you touch other people’s lives they way you touch mine.

Go out there and make me proud!


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