My Pink Class.

*dinding kelas ditampal dengan gambar-gambar rambut macam kat salun tu*


5MPV , my favourite class of all.

I’m playing favorites. I know I know but I guess every teacher has this one class/student that they give extra love/attention/care too. As long as it is not harmful right?

I have this one favorite class that i always look forward to enter. its the 5 Persolekan Muka and Dandanan Rambut (MPV-PMDR) class or in short 5MPV. I’ve been teaching this class since they’re Form 4.

It’s a small class with only 10 students (it used to be 16, but one by one quit schooling), their classroom is huge, clean, cute and PINK! and they have their own Salon where they learn all their make-up and hairstyles stuffs. and the best part, they are all girls!

They’re not my brightest students yet they are the most passionate.  They love doing hairs and make ups and a few of them already worked in salons on their free time. They take the vocational subject seriously and work hard for it.

aaaaaand, they really know my mood. Once, I was really stressed and they could see it from the frown on my face. They whispered among themselves and the next thing I know, I was dragged to their salon and was given a spa-like treatment! They wash my hair, did me facial, and gave me a nice and long shoulder and back massage. It was really nice of them!

*amoi manis*

However, their English proficiency is low and I find it hard to teach them the syllabus but they tried to make my class enjoyable by participating in  every activities that I conducted. They always did my homework and tried to learn as many words as they can.

And, the end of the semester is near and I wouldn’t be seeing them again next year. I seriously feel there’s a lump in my throat every time I think about it. I love this class so much that I want them to stay in this school forever (but that would be scary right? like a time-machine gone wrong). I wish them all the best for their SPM and I hope that they will grow up to be a good person with the kindest heart.

*cantik cantik*

I love you girls !



3 thoughts on “My Pink Class.

    • hehe ini kelas dandanan rambut maka bolehlah dye rambut sbb ade dalam silibus. cume ade certain colour yg sekolah approved sahaje 🙂

  1. walaupun i x ngaja kelas ni, tp i rasa sayang juga nk tinggalkan kelas ni. hukhuk. semoga budak2 ni berjaya ingat cikgu nisa derang. kene buat girlish party dgn derg ni. tgkp gamba sorg2, buat buku. hukhuk.

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