They provide Leverage !

LEVERAGE. One of my favorite series. ever.

Its about a group of con artists (a mastermind, a grifter, a retriever, a thief and a hacker). Together they combined their skills and target the greediest and most unjust people. It’s in its fourth season now and i have watched the other three seasons more or less  twice an episode 🙂

Every each of the character has their own special skill which contributes largely to their Robin-Hood-like mission which seems like impossible but they pulled it through everytime.

My favourite character is Elliot Spencer played by Christian Kane. He’s the retrieval specialist / martial artist / hitter. And oh boy! He can hit really hard!  He hates guns. His weapon is his hands, arms, elbows and other body parts. and I’m so in love with his haiiiiiiir ❤ ! and yes, i’m ashamed to tell you this but i need my Eliot Spencer dose everyday *blush*

so what? Rosyada said  he’s sooooooo my type (Rosyada, 2010)

so Season 2 is on AXN now and Astro has yet to air Season 3, but I have it in my hard disk if you like to copy 🙂




4 thoughts on “They provide Leverage !

  1. my first year pun camtu gak ainee, but then my mum tegur because i was so engrossed with school work. Things should have balance. ying and yang. zen whatever. you need time for yourself for the sake of your physical , mental and those around you too 🙂

    i used to came back from school and straight away pick up from where i left of at school until i didn’t get to go to kuliah agama and etc. it was such an unhealthy and stressful life! then, i slowly changed … school work is to be done at school only. so back home, i can manage the house, run errands for mum, go to kuliah, live my passion and the next day i go to school feeling fresh and rejuvenated, ready to face the school challenge 🙂

    i love you ainee and i really want you to start having your life back 🙂

  2. saya dlm kasut yg sama mcm Ainee~ tp sy lain skit sbb sy warden~

    is there any way for a warden like me to have her life back? how eh my dear nisak? share plz kehkeh

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