Mousselike Chocolate Cake

Oh nyum! i got this recipe from Adeliana, my college mate. You should check her blog ! It is full of yummy treats! 🙂


You’ll need :

260g dark chocolate – melted

170g butter – diced

200g castor suugar

3 large eggs

70g plain flour

Melt butter and choc0late in a bowl over simmering water

*licks off spoon*

Then, stir sugar into melted chocolate…

( i found it too sweet, you can reduce the amount of sugar )

… beat in eggs 1 at a time!

Next, sift flour on top …

… and fold in until combined.

tip batter into tin and bake for 55 minutes with oven 160 degrees.

and Voilaaaaaa!

I first decided to make a chocolate ganache to spread on top but meh couldn’t be bothered. heh.

it’s really deliciousssssss! and am still eating it right now.

oh !



2 thoughts on “Mousselike Chocolate Cake

  1. goodness me. lama gila tak singgah blog ni. my blog pun baru ja bernyawa balik pas seminggu lebih domain expired. haha. nampak sgt abandon life skrg ni. bestnyer u buat ni nisa. rasa cam nk mkn jer. ish2.

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