Things you shouldn’t do at Bazaar Ramadhan.

please don’t get offended with this post.  this is what i think you should not do. or probably i complained too much and should stop ogling and criticizing people while strolling in a bazaar.

1. girls. please dress modestly when going to bazaar ramadhan. do not wear tight pants/jeans and above-the buttocks/body hugging t-shirt. when people are not watching left and right at the food stalls, they’re looking ahead and can see your bum instead. its ramadhan for god’s sake and i am the one who is embarrassed watching you dress like that to a bazaar ramadhan. after all, tutup aurat kan wajib?

2. guys. lower your gaze. our eyes is up here. not on our chest. stop checking out girls. it’s so obvious. nanti kau puasa tahan lapar dan dahaga je.

3. those who don’t have to fast, the non-Muslims, please do not buy satays/drinks/kuihs and eat it while walking at the’s a free county i know but there are people who might get offended as most who shops at the bazaar are fasting. and we probably drool. which is not cool.

4. oh anak2 muda. watch your language. i overheard a few conversations (or yells) that used vulgar words. for instance the other day i was waiting for the char kuey teow and these two boys yelled at their friends 4 metres away from them “hoit! dahla muke tak puasa macam cibai la hang datang pasar ramadhan pura2 puasa konon”. okaaaaaaayyy! there are things that you should keep it to yourself.

5. i cant remember la what i thought just now, tibe tibe teringat burger oblong tadi. hurm esok beli lah. eheh.

i’m sorry if any of the above offended you in any way. its just what i think. you can blame the auntie pudding caramel today for not opening her stall so i was snappy and bitter during the whole bazaar trip, and because of unfulfilled cravings, come this entry. haha.

oh btw i found this article and would like to share :,0,1828101,full.story

Dont forget to read quran ok! oh eh jangan korek hidung, batal pause.

ok bai!


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