Ramadhan Kareem 

hello there pretty people!

hope you had a good sahuur this morning 🙂

its the 4th day of Ramadhan and time flies so fast isn’t it? so make sure you catch up as fast as you could and please do not leave any tarawikhs. rugi!

and please please pretty please, forgive me for any wrongdoings.

After all shouldn’t we all be more forgiving? hehe.

p/s : dont stuff yourself during iftar! Bersederhana!

much love,

Nisa xoxo


3 thoughts on “Ramadhan Kareem 

  1. nisaaaaa! we had the same tittle for the recent entry. this one that is.. haha.. and alin’s too.. woww.. what cud it means? hahaha… happy fasting to you too nisa!


    • heheheh soya! puase ke x hari ni?
      coincidencenyee! its a regular phrase to use pun kan? and u know what when i browse through my old post, i used the same title for last year’s ramadhan! and the year before that!

      hahah should come up with a new one next year!

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