Nasi Goreng Belacan

Life is just great, on certain days i mean.

There are days where it sucks. BIG TIME!

I was never ever able to cook fried rice the same way everytime.  It depends on the ingredients that i throw in (whichever i can find in the fridge mostly). there are times the fried rice became nasi goreng kampung, there are times it became nasi goreng cendawan and on mum-rajin-to-go-to-GIANT-to-buy-groceries-day, it became Nasi Goreng USA (Nyum!). or there are days it became mee goreng, bihun goreng or just a bowl of maggie tomyam.

see what i meant?

it depends on us actually 🙂 either we want it to be mee udang or nasi goreng belacan. whatever life throws at us, we have to accept it and cook it our way 🙂

On an average day, my everyday routine is waking up in the morning, went to school, scream, shout and yell at the kids, come back home, facebooking, run errands for mum and sleep.

i either like it or hate it to my bones.

but there are small ingredients (or events in this case) that somehow add yummy flavours or make my nasi goreng tastes even worse. sometimes, i received text messages from beautiful souls that kept me smiling all day, so that makes it a nasi-goreng-ayam day and there are times when u are piled with nonsense clerical works and it became nasi-goreng-tak-cukup-garam day. blergh.

okeh merepek sangat ni.

so peeps out there, whatever ingredients you got in the fridge,  cook it with style bebeh.




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