Mr Privacy.

Hello earthlings 🙂

I was browsing through a fb friend’s photo album just now and couldn’t help but admire her new M.A.C collection and getting envy at her weekend getaway with her family. There are pictures of her holding presents from the boyfriend, pictures of her birthday party where her family and friends were having so much fun, there is a photo of new tv that her dad just bought for her bedroom, there are pictures of her house’s interior design including the kitchen, the bedroom etc. and theeeen, there are pictures of all the branded stuff she owns (slr, macbook, ipod, designer handbags, shoes, oh i can go on till midnight!)

it’s not that i’m jealous or anything (ha yelah, adelah aku jeles sikit), but the fact that i dont really know this girl personally but i do know her stuff, her social life and many more. i DO NOTstalk her, mind you but her updates kept on popping on my news feed feeding my nosy appetite every freaking 5 minutes!

We never spoke, i guess she was my junior in yesteryears (i’m too lazy to look at her info). my knowledge of her would not cause any harm i promise as i do not have any bad intentions at all. But, just imagine if i do, i mean her house is reachable and i pretty much know the stuff at her house. i mean, can you imagine? what if? you know? and she is not the only one. i can name a few more people who is doing the same thing that this girls is doing. parading her life on facebook!

where has our privacy gone? we unleashed so many things on the web, we lead people to peep into our lives not knowing we put ourselves in the eyes of predators. We tell people too many things!

I do have a huge numbers of friends on FB and i would be lying if i said i’m keeping in touch with every one of them. I categorised them into groups and these different groups have different access to my FB items/applications. and please, i dont do strangers. I accept my students’ friend requests (oh the feeling of rejection!) and yet they can only view my info , pictures of school events and my profile pic. not my wall, not even my status updates.

and please do not throw every minutes of your life updating your status! stop telling people that you’re home alone. you might invite some unwelcome visitors. i’m just saying. we have to be extra careful. and i’m telling this to myself as well.

and that means, i have spring cleaning to do 😛 updating your friend list is rejuvenating u know.

*flying kisses*



5 thoughts on “Mr Privacy.

  1. hi nisa!

    i agree! we should guard our privacy more zealously.

    we don’t know how many nisas there are in this world… :p

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