I love you like a fat kid loves his cake!

i love the holidays! LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE it so much to the extend i want to get up from the bed and run outside and yell “it’s school holiday everybody!!” out loud, but, i think i rather pull my blanket up to my chin and continue dreaming. haha.

see what holiday does to a teacher? i’m going mental here~ i am too excited !!

i have a list of things/activities that i want to do during this two weeks off.

let see :

1. i want to go on a holiday!

2. i want to sew a least two skirts. (i’ve been learning how to use my mum’s antique sewing machine and i’ve been reading tutorials online on how to make a swishy skirt). fingers crossed!

3. i want to go swishing on the beach with my very own homemade swishy skirts! i live so near to the beach but i seldom enjoy them. yes, i had lunch at the mamak near the seaside or have my banana split on the french cafe by the beach but i dont really enjoy the sea. more to enjoying the company. so, i hope i can spend some time alone, just the sea and me.

4. i want to take up baking class. (indulging myself in flour, eggs and butter seems like fun!)

5. i want to spend less time on facebook (laugh people laugh, i think i spent too much time online that i forgot to enjoy the beautiful things around me, so i want to explore my town, and  do some activities that does not  involve any clicking or tuning to a screen)

6. i want to catch up with old friends and laugh at our high school romances. heh.

7. i want to write postcards to my friends in Sydney. though i could just send them a fb message or blab on their wall, i think postcards have that magic touch. it always give you a warm and fuzzy feeling on the inside. right?

8. baju raya hunt! i have to go and hunt for baju raya! still deciding on the colour. hurm *scratches head*

9. WEDDINGS. the craziest amount of weddings i have to attend in my entire life.

10. teaching aids. so i can indulge myself in crafty stuff. i’ve been putting this off for a while because of the mounting paperworks and all the yada yada stuff. so yes, i’m planning to create something so that i can share with my panitia. hehe.

ok. 10 things. let see whether i could do them all!

Happy Holidays everyone!

Nisa xoxo


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