Vulgar #2

i have mentioned that my kids are driven and  can only be driven by foul words.

haihhhhh. sometimes i wish that i dont have to use all that words and i only lashed them out when all the other means were rejected.

i trained most of the school’s elite team. for example, the athletics teams, the netball and the handball team.

so today,my under 18 girls were having a match against a school which has competent netball players.

but they were under performing and i know that they can do better than that. with all the footsteps,body contacts which are intentionally done!, too lazy to chase after the ball, left their opponent partner, butter fingers. oh come on! they have been training since the school opened in january!

and as their cheerleader i kept shouting  : “come on girls!’ ” keep it up” “chantek!” and all the other goody words! . but they became worse! and we were crushed by many goals! and it’s already the second half of the game. i was restless. i really want them to win this game.

and i finally lashed out my “ayat puaka”. they know that i would not use it unless i am VERY ANGRY.

“ko yang ade otak ke bola tu yang ade otak????????”

okay so we’re playing in the semi finals tomorrow. haha.


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