Vulgar #1

Most of my students are rowdy, loud and often use vulgar words. that is how they speak everyday. they say what they think straight up to your face and my god the choice of wordss! they hurts mcm kene tikam pisau! and they dont understand it when u talk nicely to them, they only understand it when u talk like them.

heart to heart talk is not their kind of thing. for example :

Situation 1. (in the teachers room, this boy S is very disruptive, lots of discipline problems and degil pemalas biadab nak mampos!) – this incident happened last year-

Me : cerite kat saye S, ade masalah ke?

S : cikguuu ni giiilaaaa apaaaa???

Situation 2 (the same boy)

Me : S, kite kene rajin, kalau x rajin belajar , nanti susah dapat kerje elok-elok, mcamn nak tolong mak dengan ayah? nanti nak kawen pun susah nak cari duit. (sort of , but in a kind tone and concerned face, i was really trying to help him)

S : Cikgu ni gilaaa la.. bangangg ke apaa?

– though i gave numerous advice, being kind to him, he still didnt change, still with his “oh  i’m samseng”‘s attitude.

and then one day in the class :

S is doing his usual stuff, singing out loud while i’m teaching, poking his friends etc etc.

and i was reeeeeaalllllyyyyy pissed off!

Me : HOI S! Kau ni apesal ha??? perangai mcm iblis! daahla mukee hodoohhh, perangai cam siallll!! jijik org nak tgk kau tauu takk.. sape nak kawan dengan org jijik mcm kauuu!! %3*#!#(UY$$#@@!)*&^%.

i dont care anymore at that time. i was really angry. and i thought that he would come and hit me or say something vulgar back.

but instead , he stopped what he was doing and said :

S : betulkan cakap cikgu. ok la saye diam.

Me : WTF *dalam hati le*

he followed me back to teachers room ofter that and aopogized for all his nonsense behaviour and promise me that he’ll change. and i see him trying to change right now. i rreally can see it.

haha funny. if that is how they want to be talk to. thats how i’ll talk to them.

p/s : there’s plenty more. i’ll write when i have time!


Nisa xoxo


2 thoughts on “Vulgar #1

  1. aduh, senak perut aku baca post ni. haha. ooo camni ek kalo nk encouter. budak2 ni ske ckp “ek elle mende aa cikgu ni membebel”, pastu ada sekali “cikgu ni cam syal” adoihhhh.
    pasni aku nk mencarut jugak la.

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