a piece of my joy.


i know. a long time aight?

i know some of you even messaged me asking me for new entries (bunyik mcm banyak peminat je). but there are times that writing entries seems like climbing a high mountain to me.

but hey here i am. 🙂

life has been great. well it has its ups and downs and there are many moments where i made a mental note and thought that ‘hey i should blog about this’ but i kinda forgot about it. huu sorry.

and yes 2010 did not kick-start itself well. i’m almost rentung right now after 3 days consecutively buat line kat padang.

i was thinking of quitting my job and auditioning for AF but haha changed my mind nyanyi kat karaoke sudah.

and thought that if i quit teaching, what else can i do? i had nothing else to offer to the world except this.

naturally and fortunately, i have my adorable students who made me wanting to come to school everyday!

oh, nak pg beli burger otai.


oh. please dont stop reading my blog. i am back!


7 thoughts on “a piece of my joy.

  1. alive and kicking! yeah! that’s my girl. don’t forget to contribute at schoolmatterstome.com
    i know you have plenty great teacher-students stories to be shared.

  2. “i was thinking of quitting my job and auditioning for AF”

    wth!! Hahaha.

    u r very funny. owoh. i miss this kind of laugh!

    p/s: terkejut cikgu seblah aku tgk aku gelak. haha

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