Ramadhan Kareem ♥

This week kicked off itself badly. tied to bed due to influenza-like-illness, quarantined for two days while i squirmed on the bed thinking of the never-ending-unfinished work at school. with the preparation for Hari Anugerah Cemerlang (where i got to boss people around!), marking of the monthly test papers, PMR trial papers, preparing for the pecutan akhir PMR and a whole bunch of other stuff, i dragged myself to school though i got MC from the doctor.

Though the only thing that kept me going is the thought that holidays are coming soon! that’s what i told myself everyday.

takpe, cuti lagi berape hari je lagi ni” i said it over and over again.

and even when i encountered with annoying-students-who-thinks-that-they’re-to-cool-for-school, i calmed myself by saying “takpe, lagi brape hari je nak tgk muke budak ni”

and today, FINALLY came. everyone is smiling. the students were grinning, teachers were beaming with holiday glow,

and when my kids came and greet me Happy Fasting, they asked for fogiveness and such, there’s a warm feeling that i feel inside, i felt so appreciated and loved and i felt like hugging all of my students. ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

i love the fact that it is now holiday and i can be in Manjung with my mum but i also can’t wait for the school to re-open so that i can have iftar with my students!

and guess what, i drove out from school with a heavy feeling and a loud sigh.

beria kan?

p/s : happy fasting everyone!


6 thoughts on “Ramadhan Kareem ♥

  1. betul la nisa

    i too, observed that teachers ada “holiday glow” hari ini… haha

    and even though kadang2 tu sakit hati dgn students, you know that you’ll miss them during the holidays.

    balik tarawikh tadi, keluar makan dgn my family. and i couldn’t stop talking about my students – the funny incidents in the classroom, their funny comments, etc. i think i bored my family to death with such stories…

    it’s like an unhealthy obsession… haha

  2. yesss… i have nothing else to talk about except my students..

    i even text people and told them the sweetest/ randomest or the jahatest thing that my students do, i think you’re one of my victim. haha.

    and i know that my mum is bored listening to my ramblings as she often said “adikk,, mak lagi lame ngajar dari adik. macam2 ragam students mak dah jumpe”

    ade aku kesah?? aku cerite gak. haha

    happy fasting syada! teringat terawikh kat mac uni.

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