anak-anak muridku kaki bodek.

oh oh my students!

they like to put up faces and melt my heart. they do things that make me smile and love them even more.

i always entered the class with a smile, cheerful and eager face, coz i believe that they’re contagious and i hope my students would be happy, cheerful and eager to learn in class too.

though there are days that i entered class with  a very stern-moody-siaplah-kau-kene-jerkah-dgn-aku-lepas-ni face. usually on tuesdays, on my 5th period that day. this class (4K3) are the second last class (the last class is the MPV-PMDR class). All of them are boys. 20 chinese boys, 4 malays and one indian boy.

ok, that one day, i entered the class with a “serabut” face. and the monitor goesss….

“Good Afternoon Miss Nisa canteekkkkk” !

and so the whole class followed ” GOOD AFTERNOON MISS NISA CANTEEKK” ! ! !

yes you’re right. glowing seyhh muke aku lepas tu (hehe).

on that same day day as well, this happened :

Boy : Lau She Nisa, you aaaa manyakk cantikk oooo, you aaa no 2 dalam saya punya senalai.

Me : really? u letak sapa nombor 1?

Boy : no 1 aaa itu cikgu Cheng ( a gergeous and fashionable chinese teacher who looks like Dynaz ), no 2 aaa you laaa….

Me: itu no 3 ?

Boy : itu Pn Ho yang mcm Maggie Cheung itu rupa….

Me : hahahahahhaa

and i’m in between Dynaz and Maggie Cheung? hahahaha ….

and these 4k3 boys love basketball! and their basketball balls are very sacred to them, no one can touch them especially the malays and the indians (!!??!), though however Pn Ho (yang mcm Maggie Cheung itu rupa) once showed me the ball and you know what is written on them?

❤ Miss Nisa.

aawwwwwwwwww…. i am in love with my kidsssss!!!!!!!!!!!!


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