Doktor, saye stress.

“doktor, saye stress” i told the doctor.

“saye rase saye x mampu pergi sekolah hari ni, saye nak jalan-jalan release tension”.

At 9 a.m my housemate and I left Pantai Remis for Taiping. we wore quiet shabby clothes for we planned  to only stroll around Taiping Lake Garden , eat the famous Kuey Teow Dolly and go back home.

and you know how God is a better planner? hehe 🙂

Kuey Tew Dolly is closed on Fridays. *sigh*. how could i forget bout that? so we went to Pizza Hut instead. While fidgeting with our Royal Masala pizza,

*lightbulb on my head*    “kenape kite tak pegi Penang je tadi?”
and i could see an evil grin on my housemate face (her BF is working in Penang).

so, off we go to Penang.

and meet her BF. that guy took us to Taman Perbandaran where we chilled out, ate ice cream, teased the monkeys and enjoyed the scenery.

and i thought of ‘Ainur. i know she would be mad at me if i did not tell her that i was in Penang. so i called her. and yes, like i expected, the swear-words-vommit. after a few boddooooooohhh!, bongooooooookkk! and celakeeeeeeee!, we decided to have dinner somewhere near her place.

i dont know how to describe my feelings when i see ‘Ainur standing there in front of the restaurant. we hugged for a long time. its nice to finally see your friend of 6 years when you are constantly surrounded by new people (though sebenarnye, it was less than one month ago ‘Ainur came to my house).

we had an enjoyable dinner. the tandoori nan tasted so good! probably because of the company.

after two hours, we decided to start our journey back to Pantai Remis. parting is such a sweet sorrow. oh. the hug were brief this time. as a sign that we’ll see each other soon. we’ll work it out somehow. right ‘Ainur?

bak kate ‘Ainur,  “rase x it;s good knowing that you’re friend is just 2 hours away?” . heheh.

we took the ferry back to the mainland. and how the sea breeze reminds me of the ferries in Circular Quay and
the spontaneous decision Majidah and i made to ride the ferry the whole night!

arrived in Pantai Remis at 9.30 pm feeling rejuvenated!

i received a few smses from my students.

“cikguuu, mana cikguu pii hariniii???? tak bersemangattt ni cikguu takdak”


jumpe hari isnin ni budak-budak oi!


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