Engkaulah yang satu, pujaan hatiku.

gosh. life had been so hectic for me in the past couple of weeks. and it will continue to be so.

though it’s been a tremendously-busy-you-feel-like-u-gonna-die-weeks, i sailed through with smiles and laughters.


and i’m falling in love with teaching deeper and deeper everyday.

i think i have soooooooooo much love to give.

i was serving as a pegawai at the Kejohanan Olahraga Daerah for 4 days, trained my students until late evenings, and though i splat my body with a huge amount of sunblock, i still got sunburnt, and thanks to the frequent visit to the beach,  i am 3 shades darker than i used to be.

i complained this to my students. in a joking way.

“tau takk, sbb hangpala aku dah itam legam ni, kalau hangpa tak menang gak, aku tataula”

and one of my indian students replied.

“cikgu, kalau cikgu nak nampak putih cikgu dudukla sebelah saye”

awwwwwwwwww. aaawwwwww. aaaawwwwwwwwwwww.

i have awesomely adorable studentsssss.

and i have this one students who will sing “Engkaulaahhh yang satuuuu, pujaaann hatikuuuu” everytime he sees me. even during the assembly. adoi. though, my day would be incomplete if i didn’t hear him sing that annoying tune.

i thank God for all the love that i received and all the love that i can give.

true, love does make your head spin around. joyously.



11 thoughts on “Engkaulah yang satu, pujaan hatiku.

  1. nisa, i wish i could have your students. they are so charming. and they always have their own way of mengambil your hati huhu best!!

  2. xpe kak nisa. sy pong sunburnt. sbb daud tanak kasi sy tumpang shadow dia. isk. i miss you though! b tough and embrace the wonderful world of teaching yea? nnti sy nyanyi utk kak nisa juge

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