life is short, but you’re here to flower.

for the last two weeks, i arrived at home at 7.30 everyday. i trained volleyball and handball at the same time. God knows how i managed it, but i did it. yesterday (Saturday) was the last training for volleyball before the school hols, i was flat out. i have no energy but since my boys are so eager to practice, i have no heart to turn them down.

we practised from 8 a.m. and during the 5 minutes break, one of my boys said “Cikgu, jom pi Teluk Senangin, kesian kat cikgu penat train kitorang, jom kita pi jalan-jalan tenangkan fikiran” . and i was like “aaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwwww”.

so we finished 3 sets of game after that, and i drove to Teluk Senangin while the boys rode their motorbikes from behind and the front of my car (rase macam duta kene escort je, haha).

and oh god! i loooooove the sea. it is part of my life and i love living near  the sea. i parked my car and raced my students to the crystal clear water!

while they splashed themselves in the sea, i took a slow stroll along the beach.


there are no words that could describe my feelings at that time.

i pondered about my life, my school, my students and my future.

i had a good chat with the boys.

we laughed, we sang, they told me their life stories, they shared their secrets.

i membebel sikit. (hehe)

i also taught them some present and past tense , using the sand as my whiteboard. heeeeee

it was blissfull.

i was so happy,

and the most important thing, my students were happy too.

smile. smile. smile. smile. smile. smile.


12 thoughts on “life is short, but you’re here to flower.

  1. i know.

    white sandy beaches as my whiteboard.
    the clear blue sky as our ceiling.
    the sea breeze, the sparkling crystal clear water..
    the sounds of the waves crashing the shore~~
    no disruption, no bells, no worries,

    it was just me , a panoramic view…

    and my favourite students.

    it couldn’t be any better.


  2. kak Nisa, it seems you r having a blast teaching and training. Using sand as a board..what a novel idea! Ur inspiring us the future teachers..he ..he.Anyways tc and enjoy.

    P/S- Plz send my regards to Mr. Iswaran. thanks

  3. jarod. i fell in love with teaching years ago, and now, am falling more deeply into it. 🙂

    wanee. mu nak nangis gapo? YOU are the best!

    Ramyah . true, i’m loving my life to bits now. hehe.

    Syira . good luck for your prac Syira! u’ll get all kinds of students. adapt yourself to them.

  4. okeh saya dh nangis lagi.

    bley x kak nisa blog somethg yg tak kan buat sy nangis or gelak sorang2?

    uuuuuuuu told u. yes ur days are hard but there’s always somethg to cherish at the end.

    i think all teachers in malaysia shud read ur blog

  5. awat la hangpa nak sob sob ni? ni bukan entry happy ke? *garuk kepale*

    cikmardjelita, kaknisachantek x paham la hang, nak kene tulis entry yg buat awak marah ke?
    *garuk kepale kuat-kuat*

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