saye anak nelayan.

i was filling up the attendance book for my class (form 4) . since they’re too lazy too bring their SMM forms, i have to ask them personally the details.

the details are as follows : father’s name, father’s ic no, father’s occupation.

and while i was filling up this particular boy’s details (he’s one of my favourite, taiko sekolah), i asked him:

Miss Nisa : ok, ****, Ayah kerje ape?

Student : ……….

Miss Nisa : ****, ayah awak kerja ape?

Student : saye malu cikgu nak bgtau.

Miss Nisa : kenape nak malu?

Student : nanti cikgu tak mau kawan ngan saya dah kalau cikgu tau saye anak nelayan.

Miss Nisa : mane adee…. saye kawan semue orang.

back in the staff room, i MERAUNG. MERAUNG. MERAUNG.



10 thoughts on “saye anak nelayan.

  1. am doing it najib! everyday mesti ade syahdu moments. cukup setahun leh publish dah. heheh.

    sayda. alaaaa jugak.

    emir. hurm…..

  2. nisaa..ritu dh anta komen tapi tak kua pun. nk ulang, psan kt ur ss tu, meh dtg pitas, sume my ss cni anak nelayan. boleh ke aku pilih nk kwn ke tak? hehe. i cant. i just choose to love them.


  3. mimi : sape yg comel? baik mimi cakappp!!!

    faa: haha faaa, kat sini pun semue anak nelayan. ntah ape demam budak tu ntah hari tuh. saje je tuh gatei mulut sbb i cakap i nak kalau boleh nak kawen ngan engineer. haha.

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