i live to teach.

i’m liking my life right at this moment.

i even feel excited to wake up at 5 every morning and go to school! sometimes i accidentally woke up at 4 and i’ll be like, “ape? br pukul 4?”

gile takde life.

i’m coping quiet well with school, the 45 minutes travel back and forth, the workloads, the principal, the colleagues and the students.

the students. oh my. let me tell you about my students.

number 1, sometimes u feel like u want to sepuk-sepuuuuuk, sekeh-sekeh, tonyoh your students.
but then, there are times u feel like giving them hugs.

number 2, there are times you feel like u want to stop from being a teacher.
but then, there are times you have that oh-this-is-why-i-become-a-teacher moment.

everyday i juggled those two thoughts in my head.

and the end of the day, it will always balanced out. or one strecthed out the most.

when i faced one or two incidents where i feel like “debik”ing my kids,
it is always the same kids who later who touched your soul
and make you said “oh yes, these students are from my class”

whenever i faced those “i wanna quit this job” moments. God , with His ways soothe me
and made me realised that there’s nothing that i want to do other than teaching.

i love my students.

even though they’re not every teachers’ dream students, you could not do role-play with them, they would not understand anything that you’re saying, they’re reluctant, naughty, hardcore students, jenis kene dok gantung sekolah selalu.

they dont even know how to pronounce “Shakespeare” nor even heard that guy’s name.

but they’ve  touched my heart since the moment i stepped my foot in the school.

they showed me courage to work hard to support their family. they showed me what a brother would do in order for their lil siblings be able to go to school and buy some books. sobs.

they’re the big reason i look forward to school everyday.

they put the smile on my face everyday.

and i will do my very best, the best that i could give, to make their life more meaningful.



15 thoughts on “i live to teach.

  1. Nisa.

    Thanks sangat for this entry. Very meaningful.
    And thanks juga atas idea dan cadangan kat blog Afifah tu. Sangat brilliant. Rasa nak pi peluk and cium hang ja. Hehe

  2. nisa babe~ i know what u meant. It is the kids tat keep me going for now too! Other than tat, job relli sucks when u hav to bangun pagi2 buta and paper work tak abes2. take care *hugs*

  3. yeah daisy. workloads sucks. but u kerje ape pun, mesti byk kerje gak kan? heheh. i got students yg hot-hot and hensem-hensem tau. mau luruh jantung dibuatnye. hehe.

    great teacher hafiz!! ni hao ma?

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