How to Handle Hard-to-handle-students. Cikgu Nisa says.

my tips on how to handle “hard-to-handle-students”.

its my “luck” that i aways get the last classes. during prac and now in school.
there are a few things that i tried and it works during prac, and i’m trying it with my students
in school and it started to show some positive signs.
so, here goes:

be strict at first, but let loose slowly. not too strict, still make jokes but with straight face.

make an effort to remember all their names. call everyone’s name.

when u see them outside class,  call their names, eventhough sometimes they try to avoid eye-contacts with u.
e.g when i saw one of my students passed me at the corridor i’ll go ” haa.. Hafizi”.

if u see them not at the canteen during recess, ask them have they eaten or not.  they’ll know that u care for them.

always be ready to enter their class, prepare 110% with the ABM, worksheets. show that you are interested in teaching them, sometimes teachers did not enter their class and teach them only by copying notes. they think that teachers are not interested to teach them because they’re stupid and bad. show that you’re not that kind of teacher.

show that you trust them. tell them to gain your trust first (in my case : by not wandering around the school if they said they’re going to the toilet). make sure that you can be trusted too. fulfill your promises to the students. if u say that u dont want anyone in your class eating candy, punish them if you caught them doing it.

sometimes a pat on the back is what they asked for. not more than that.

do not hit them coz they’ll get those from the discipline teacher.

during roll call in the morning, make an effort to ask how are they feeling that day, what they did yesterday at home etc.

ask them to help you carry things, and dont forget to thank them. they’ll feel appreciated.

tell the class teacher to tell that class that you said their class is a good class, and you like teaching them (eventhough it is likewise).  they’ll treat you differently the next time you enter to teach. trust me.

u always ask them to listen to you. there are times we have to listen what they’ve got to say too.

always smile at them outside school. if they wave at you, wave back.

always help them with their problems. be it academic or personal. you’ll be shock to hear the kinds of problems kids nowadays are facing.

compliment them, their hairstyle, or hairdos,their handwriting, if they answered correctly, if they are willing to try,
tell them that they have a beautiful smile and stuff. you like to hear them too dont you?

you set the rules. let them inforce it.

if you are a class teacher and want to do some changes in the class, ie. the seating arrangements or anything, discuss with the whole class and
hear their opinions. often times, they have brilliant things in their minds and they will realise that they can make decisions too and someone
is hearing what they have to say.

my colleagues gave me this :

This I believe:-

that when we choose to teach, we choose to serve;
that every child is entitled to the best we have to give, regardless of his personality, or his situation;
that our discipline should be firm, consistent, and Constructive;
that we should remember that kindness, consideration, and trust are not signs of weakness in a teacher;
that children are hurt by the same things that hurt us – sarcasm and ridicule;
that we should not exact a higher standard of conduct in matters of punctuality, responsibility, and self control that we ourselves possess;
that we have limitless opportunities to touch lives for good; and,
that we should treat every child as if he were our very own.

last thing which i think is important.

love them. love them. love them. and show them that you love them!

there’s nothing great like the power of love!

it works for me, hope it works for you too!


4 thoughts on “How to Handle Hard-to-handle-students. Cikgu Nisa says.

  1. hehe. no worries. it depends on the students. some might work on them some might not.

    personally, i like to bond with the troubled students!
    hope to change them to become a better person. make them see where are they heading with that kind of attitude.

    it’s progressing.

    yesterday, my students (two of them) came and see me to salam and say goodbye. diorang kene gantung sekolah 2 minggu. haha!

    the thought that they came to see me first that counts!

  2. uhrm… hairan, entri yang bermanfaat macam ni kurang pulak orang nak respon ek… uhrm… i wonder…

    anyhow, the tips are super duper invaluable.. i have tried some of those when i went to camps, being a facilitator… am looking forward to use it when i’d be teaching…

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