Are you sure you’re not Indian?

i have a dark skin tone. and i’m proud of it. and people always mistaken me as Mamak or Indian.
i dont mind it at all but i found it really funny when they strongly persist that i’m an Indian.

i’m a Malay. well, i have ancestors that originate from different parts of the world but i dont care.

I’m a Malaysian.

somehow, indians seem to get along easily with me. i dont mind that too. i’m liking it actually.

i’ll show you a few examples where people mistakenly assume my heritage based on my skin colour.

1. my students the other day.

Student A : cikgu lu campur ah?
Cikgu Nisa : eh, ape pulak campur2 ni. masuk kelas masing-masing.
Student A : tala cikgu, saya mau tanye, lu ade campur ka?
Cikgu Nisa : campur apa?? ape lu mau cakap?
Student B : cikgu die mau tanye, lu ade darah campur ka? lu campur India ka?
Cikgu Nisa : ooooo. hahahhaha.

2.the Bangladeshi workers in petrol station in Manjung will treat me special, i never have to fill the petrol myself. i always got compliments, sometimes
mineral water. my mum said maybe because they think i’m one of them. haha.

3.wherever in Masjid Jamek, Jalan Masjid India,or in Gulatis Silk Store. the Bangladeshi workers will definitely gave salaam to me, but not to my friends
whom i’m walking with. bak kate Fariza , “yelah ko sorang je lah Islam kan”. hehe.

4. there’s one kedai mamak yg dekat sini that will give me extra food. sometimes milo ais.
“untuk adik manis, cuaca panas, cepat haus” and i never set my foot there again.

4. there’s an Indian taxi driver in Sydney who argued with me about my race. i said i’m a pure Malay. he argued and asked so many times
” Are you sure you’re not Indian? Are you sure?”. hahah. he was confident that i don’t know that i’m an Indian. wtf?

4. the golden moment that i’ll remember for the rest of my live.

back in Sydney, i was getting some lunch with my junior, Reez who had the same skin tone as mine.
we just finished a stand-up comedy course and were pretty hungry. we went to the North Indian food outlet in QVB’s food court.
i’m a regular customer there and the lady boss had already know me by face at that time, but we never had any conversation of
anything personal. so when the lady boss saw us there trying to pick what to eat, she smiled and nodded at me and asked Reez this faboulous question.

“So, are you Bangladeshi too?” ROFL.

All this while, she confidently assumed that i’m Bangladeshi. That explains the extra papaddums!
Poor Reez! he was dumbfounded! i think that was GOLD!

its the same in schools. during prac, i had this one student who ask me to marry him !
and now i just discovered that i have a fan club in school, with all Indian members! they are such sweethearts! willing to hold umbrella for me during sports
practice and follow me around. how to spot them? they’ll wear sunnies during sport practice, coz i’ll wear them too and kononnye i made a fashion statement
at that school. hahah.

whatever kind-of-face that i have or wether i’m campur or not. the most important thing is that I’m a Muslim and Allah has created me that way.
why should i complain? i’m liking the extra attention!

indians or malays or bangladeshis, we’re all humans eh? there’s no race superior than other.


6 thoughts on “Are you sure you’re not Indian?

  1. OMG. sama boat kite nisa. tapi tak kisah la. bile panas2 takyah risau nak pakai sunblock. tade pe nk block daaah weehh~ tk cre.

    m leaning next to the mail box~bilaaa niii~~~


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